Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on Yemen Attack, Jakarta, 20 April 2015

Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia strongly condemns the bomb attack that occurred in the city of Sana’a, Yemen on 20 April 2015 at 10.45 local time. The attack has resulted in injury of several Indonesian diplomats and destructed the embassy’s building as well as all vehicles belonging to the embassy that were in the area.

The first information received from Sana’a says the attack was aimed at an ammunition depot located in the region. Roads around the Embassy were badly damaged and many local civilians who were around the area became victims.

The Indonesian government insists that the bombing only shows evidence that the settlement of the problem through violence can only result in casualties of innocent citizens. Indonesia repeated that a peaceful solution through diplomacy and negotiation is the best way.

Indonesian government urged all parties to immediately stop the violence. Indonesia also called for immediate humanitarian pause so that civilians including foreign nationals can leave Yemen, as well as for humanitarian aid for Yemen.

Indonesia also requested all warring parties to respect the international rules and laws, especially regarding the protection of civilians, including a variety of relevant UN resolutions.

Embassy in Sana’a informed that there are currently 17 people – consisting of Embassy’s staff, evacuation team members from Jakarta and other currently displaced Indonesians. Foreign Ministry has instructed the Embassy and the evacuation team in Sana’a to immediately take the necessary steps to secure the safety of Indonesian citizens who are there.

Two diplomats and a citizen, who were injured, received help and together with all other Indonesians they have been evacuated to Ambassador’s Residency in Sana’a to strive towards Hudaidah soon.

Since the intensification of evacuation in December 2014, the Government has managed to evacuate as many as 1981 Indonesian citizens out of Yemen. Until now 1973 of them has already arrived to Indonesia. At this time, part of the evacuation team from Jakarta still operates in some regions of Yemen.​

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