Javanese Singing and Gamelan Music Wowed the Czech Republic, Prague, 8 April 2015

Javanese gamelan music and singer wowed hundred of visitors who attended the Music Concert Vychodni Inspirace v Nove Hudbe (Eastern Inspiration in the Latest Music) at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Prague on Tuesday night (7/4). This concert is an annual event featured by Drum Department, Faculty of Music and Dance, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Music of India and the Middle East region also participated on the performance.


The gamelan performance was played by Gamelan group set by the Embassy of Indonesia in Prague, the Wirama Galih, led by Marton Szatai (31 years) and with Dora Gyorfi (26 years) as a singer. Both Marton and Dora are from Budapest, Hungary and former Darmasiswa (Indonesian scholarship) students. Both learned the art of gamelan and sinden (traditional singing) at Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Surakarta. Marton and Dora have expressed love for art of gamelan and sinden since the first time they listened to its gentle and soothing melody. Marton and Dora hope to continue performing so the gamelan and sinden can be increasingly recognized by Czech society.


Wirama Galih itself was established in 2013, it consists of staff of Indonesian Embassy in Prague and members of Czech society. Wirama Galih has performed in various diplomatic and art events in Prague. The name of Wirama Galih means Rhythm in the Heart, as in gamelan music, each player must listen to each other by heart.


The Indonesian Ambassador to Prague, DR. Aulia Aman Rachman who was present at the show, said that the promotion of art and culture of Indonesia is in connection to the achievement of economic diplomacy, which is to make Indonesia a tourist destination for the Czech public. Ambassador Aulia committed to introduce the art and culture of the Republic of Indonesia to the public.


Visitors who attended the show enjoyed the gamelan music and admired how the instrument collaboration can produce such a beautiful sound, although they did not understand what the singer sung.

As a part of promotion of Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Prague held a booth containing tourist information leaflets and small confectionary treats typical for Indonesia.





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