Date Day Holiday Name
1 January Sunday New Year 2018
16 February Friday Chinese New Year 2569 Kongzili
30 March Friday Good Friday
2 April

1 May



Easter Monday

International Labor Day

10 May Thursday Ascension Day of Jesus
29 May Tuesday Vesak Day Saka Year 2562 (Birthday of Buddha)
1 June Friday Pancasila Day
15 June




Eid al-Fitr 1439 Hijri


17 August Friday Independence day of Indonesia
22 August Wednesday Eid Adha 1439 Hijri
11 September Tuesday Islamic New Year 1440 Hijri
20 November Tuesday Birthday of Prophet Muhammad
25-26 December Tuesday – Wednesday Christmas Day


SK Keppri tentang Libur Nasional dan Cuti Bersama Tahun 2018