Indonesian Dances and Songs Astounded the Citizens of Prague

In the title of “A Glimpse of Wonderful Indonesia”, the Indonesian Embassy organized a performance of Indonesian art and culture for the citizens of Prague on Saturday, November 4, 2017. The event took place at the Royal Theater and was attended by 100 people who filled the spectators’ seats inside the event.

On this occasion, Indonesia’s dances and songs were performed by 3 (three) art groups from Indonesia which is currently ongoing cultural festival in the Czech Republic: IPDC Universitas Islam Indonesia Jogjakarta, Danadyaksa Labschool Depok and 78 Youth Choir. In addition, there are also performances from the team Angklung Arumba Indonesian Embassy in Prague and Balinese dance from Miss Uchita.

Ambassador Aulia Rachman in very rich Indonesian language that comes from the meeting of various cultures from thousands of tribes and islands. Through the introduction of culture in the context of people-to-person contact, it is hoped that the image of Indonesia is a positive place for Czech citizens, especially the city of Prague.

These three arts groups from Indonesia are above, featuring several performances such as Jathilan Mlaku Dance, Rebana Dance, and Ratoh Jaroe Dance. Group 78 Youth Choir also performed a very grand song “Tanah Airku”.









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