What does it take to start a business in Indonesia? According to data collected by Doing Business, starting a business there requires 13.00 procedures, takes 47.80 days, costs 19.90% of income per capita and requires paid-in minimum capital of 31.00% of income per capita (figure 2.1). Most indicator sets refer to a case scenario in the largest business city of an economy, except for 11 economies for which the data are a population-weighted average of the 2 largest business cities. See the chapter on distance to frontier and ease of doing business ranking at the end of this profile for more details.


Globally, Indonesia stands at 173 in the ranking of 189 economies on the ease of starting a business. The rankings for comparator economies and the regional average ranking provide other useful information for assessing how easy it is for an entrepreneur in Indonesia to start a business.


Economies around the world have taken steps making it easier to start a business—streamlining procedures by setting up a one-stop shop, making procedures simpler or faster by introducing technology and reducing or eliminating minimum capital requirements. Many have undertaken business registration reforms in stages—and they often are part of a larger regulatory reform program. Among the benefits have been greater firm satisfaction and savings and more registered businesses, financial resources and job opportunities.


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