To Boost Promotion of Indonesia, the Embassy in Prague took part in Export Festival in the Czech Republic

“Doing business and investing in Indonesia has become easier after the government launched 12 packages of economic policy in the past year,” stated by the Ambassador of Indonesia in Prague, Aulia Aman Rachman at the opening ceremony of Czech Export Festival in Prague, June 15, 2016.


“Indonesia’s investment climate at present is good, as evidenced by obtaining rating BBB + by Standard & Poor’s recently,” added Ambassador Aulia. Mr. Ambassador underlined that the country´s trade policy is also directed to increase exports abroad.


The Ambassador´s speech was delivered some time after the Czech President Miloš Zeman officially opened the event to promote trade, tourism and investment with the headline of Czech Export Festival.


In his speech, President Zeman stressed that export is becoming one of the important factors for the growth of the Czech economy. Therefore, he always supports any activity that is intended to encourage export activities, including through networking through the Czech Export Festival.


Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mladek, who also delivered a speech, confirmed that the opening of non-traditional markets has been one of the Czech government priorities and their explorations is conducted through sending business missions to the countries of potential. The business mission can be led by the President, Prime Minister or Minister. For example Czech Foreign Minister, Lubomir Zaoralek, led business mission to Indonesia in February 2016.


In line with the priorities of the current economic diplomacy, the Embassy in Prague again participated on the Czech Export Festival to intensify trade promotion, tourism and Indonesian investments in the Czech Republic. On that occasion, the Embassy in Prague show you examples of leading Indonesian products, such as processed foods, palm oil, coffee, tea, textiles and batik, handicrafts, wood-based decoratives, automobile parts, as well as the richness of tourist destinations in Indonesia.


To support the culinary diplomacy, the embassy also served beef rendang, combined with rice slices. Not less than 10 kg rendang was imported directly from Indonesia to satisfy demands of the festival´s visitors. Although it is quite spicy, responses received from visitors were positive. They liked the taste of rendang and considered it to be unique and distinctive.


Indonesian coffee also got a positive response as the Embassy in Prague served coffee from various regions in Indonesia. Not less than 5kg of roasted coffee beans were used for the promotion during Festival activities.


Meanwhile, to further introduce the potential of textile products, especially batik, in addition to displaying examples of batik cloth, the Embassy in Prague also invited one of its former Dharmasiswa program participants to demonstrate batik making.


As a result of the festival, there are several requests for information and further assessment of doing business in Indonesia, such as furniture and coffee business.


Czech Export Festival is a trade exhibition organized by CzechInno, one of the non-profit institutions of Czech origin. This institution has a goal to encourage and support entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic, and also to promote business relations between the Czech Republic and other countries. CzechInno acts under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.


This year´s festival is the fourth.  Except for the third one, President of the Czech Republic is always present to officially open the exhibition activities.


Dubes RI Praha, Aulia A. Rachman menyampaikan paparan tentang ekonomi Indonesia pada rangkaian pembukaan Festival Ekspor Ceko di Praha, Ceko, 15 Juni 2016. Festival Ekspor Ceko dibuka secara resmi oleh Presiden Ceko, Milos Zeman dan diselenggarakan selama dua hari, diikuti oleh perwakilan dari 34 negara.

Suasan pembukaan festival oleh Presiden

Sajian rendang diminati

Indonesian Ambassador to Prague, Aulia A. Rachman presented series of Indonesian economy at the opening of the Czech Export Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, June 15, 2016. The Czech Export Festival was officially opened by President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman, held for two days, followed by representatives of 34 countries.

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