Fine-Dining Indonesian Cuisine Shakes the tongue of the Czech Society

The Indonesian Embassy in Prague held an Indonesian culinary promotion named “Indonesian Food Tour” on May 10, 2017 at the Embassy Hall of Prague. The event presented two professional chefs from Indonesia who are touring around several European countries: chef Renatta Moeloek and chef Maxie Millian. Prague itself is the third city after Barcelona and Bratislava from a series of activities that chose “Rites of Our Ancestors” as the main theme.

Indonesian cuisine has its own charm for the Czechs. In several occasions, the promotion of Indonesian culinary has always received tremendous welcome from the local community. One different thing this time, Indonesian culinary was offered with different concepts that are presented in the style of fine-dining or high-end dishes. Food menu offered included tuna naniura, binthe biluhuta, sate padang, and martabe.

The result of the creation of the concept of fine-dining is increasing the appeal of Indonesian cuisine. The event guests who are the Indonesian Embassy’s counterparts and some local media showed very high enthusiasm when the chefs presented the food they prepared in the tasting menu program. The admiration of the guests was increasingly visible when the chefs also introduced 47 spices and ingredients that are mostly typically used in such Indonesian dishes.

“The taste of this dish is very delicious and matches my tongue”, says Hans Webber, one of the guests. On other occasions, some visitors also gave positive testimonials about the flavor of the cuisine that is rich in spices and is very unique when compared with the Czech cuisine. Some visitors who have ever tasted Indonesian cuisine both in Czechia and in Indonesia also said that the taste of the cuisine is very delicious and provides a new experience for them.

Complementing culinary promotion, KBRI also prepared Indonesian dance performances for the audience. Tari Telek dan Jauk and Jaipongan Kembang Tanjung dance were performed beautifully by Indonesians and Indonesian diaspora dancers in Czechia.





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