Check this information on what to do if you are a crime victim in the Czech Republic:  “Apa yg dilakukan bila menjad korban kekerasan


Report yourself to the Foreign Police

Foreign Police, Konevova 32  Prague 3  13000

Most long-term visitors will probably need to make a trip to the foreign police office.

Among other things, this is the place that needs to verify you have no criminal record, if you are applying for residency. Note, however, that the people working in this office don’t speak foreign languages. To spare yourself undue hassle, try to bring a friend, hire an intepreter, or get the exact details of what you need to do from someone who has been through the process recently.

EU citizens and matters regarding permanent residency (for all citizenships) will be in the Prague 4 office.

Opening Hours are  Monday & Wednesday: 7:30 – 17:00, Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00 – 14:00.



Hospitals and Health Clinics in Prague

Nobody wants to be sick although they are covered by travel insurance. Here are some tips if you have families or friends in Prague who encounter health problems:

1.   Bureaucracy. Prepare yourself to face the bureaucracy in the hospital even for urgent or emergency health cases. As Indonesians are third country nationals, you might be required to provide sufficient funds before minor or major treatments are conducted. Besides funds, allow yourself to provide plenty of time to deal with the bureaucracy.

2.   For urgent health problems, go to Motol Hospital, the biggest general hospital in the Czech Republic. It is more or less like Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo in Jakarta where they have the most complete facilities and doctors.

Motol Hospital

Address V Úvalu 84, 150 00 Praha 5


Tel.: +420 224 431 111


Children: +420 224 433 652, +420 224 433653

Adults: +420 224 438 590

3.   When you do not manage to have a travel insurance and need an urgent medical care,you might want to go to

Mestska Poliklinika Praha

address Spálená 12, Praha 1 110 00

Tel:     +420222 924 211

Fax:   +420222 924 285


Taxi Services

1.   AAATaxi, +420 222 333 222 or 14 014 (nonstop customer service)

2.   Tick Tack Taxi 14 222


Information on Public Transport and The Routes in Prague and Czech Republic

  1. Bus, tram and metro in Prague
  2. České dráhy, the Czech railway company


Leaflet on Consular Advices for Indonesians PERLINDUNGAN WNI_HIMBAUAN KEKONSULERAN