Celebration of 90th Birthday of Prof. Zorica Dubovská

Prof. Zorica Dubovská,  born on April 11, 1926 in Prague. Expert on Indonesian languages, the author of Indonesian and Javanese textbooks, Japanese work and history of Indonesian archipelago country. A source of inspiration of young generation of Indonesians in Československo and Czech Republic, and the Czech people related to Indonesia. Has been teaching Bahasa Indonesian in Charles University for many years and succeeded to bear young experts on Indonesian language. She is the most beautiful gift for Czech and Indonesia relations.

She has authored several books :

  1. Indonesian folk tales. The collection of fairy tales for children and adults from faraway Indonesia gathered and prepared a well-known expert on the language and culture of the region.
  2. Bahasa Indonesia. Textbooks Indonesian language in twenty lessons, supplemented by ethnographic photographs. Indonesian language in 1945, the official language of the Republic of Indonesia. It evolved from Malay and belongs to a group austronéských languages.
  3. Introduction to the Javanese
  4. History of Indonesia. This book systematically describes the history (especially the political) Indonesian archipelago. Despite the basic geographic data, explanation of basic concepts, geographic and demographic survey gets to transparent manner and processed in an integrated Indonesian history. It describes their origins are inherently linked to Indian thought currents, progressing through the history of the creation of Central and East Java, pays attention to the penetration of Islam into the region, does not neglect the importance of regional colonialist intentions. The most important part of the book is devoted to a new history of the area, which began counting down from the beginning of the twentieth century. Last Chapters are devoted to outlining the Indonesian culture includes both architecture, literature and performing arts, and the development of Czech-Indonesian and českoslovesko-Indonesian relations. – From the perspective of information accompanied by a chronology of major events, dynastic reports, looking at the periodization of Indonesian history Indonesian glossary of terms and a selected bibliography.

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