Legong Dance Workshop in Mikulov on 17 March 2018

Ms. Sona Stastna, former of Darmasiswa, organized workshop on Balinese dance for ladies in Mikulov. The workshop is organized with the suppport of the City of Mikulov and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague. The aim of the workshop is at promoting Balinese culture to the audiences in

Ambassador Aulia inaugurated the “Bali Festival” in Mikulov, Czech Republic on 16 March 2018

Ambassador Aulia inaugurated the "Bali Festival", an event to promote Indonesian tourism, in cooperation  with Soña Stastna, an alumni of Darmasiswa scholarship, in Mikulov, Czech Republic on 16 March 2018. Ms. Stastna attended handicraft program at ISI Denpasar in 2015-2017 under Darmasiswa scholarship. She is now actively promoting Indonesia in the

Ambassador’s Lecture to 34th International Youth Leadership Conference

Ambassador Aulia Rachman is delivering presentation on the "Ambassador's Lecture" session in front of the delegate of 34th International Youth Leadership Conference in the Embassy's premise, 8 January 2018. The delegate comprises of young students from different countries who have strong interests on the international relations issues, especially on the