Ambassador’s Lecture to 34th International Youth Leadership Conference

Ambassador Aulia Rachman is delivering presentation on the “Ambassador’s Lecture” session in front of the delegate of 34th International Youth Leadership Conference in the Embassy’s premise, 8 January 2018. The delegate comprises of young students from different countries who have strong interests on the international relations issues, especially on the global issue as well as one related to recent development in Indonesia.

The discussion between the Ambassador and participants exchanges numbers of issues. One of the highlighted issues is about the Indonesia’s bid for the next non-permanent membership in the Security Council of the United Nations. In addition, Ambassador Aulia Rachman is also promoting “BaliIsSafe” to disseminate about recent situation in Bali following the eruption of Mount Agung.


The visit of IYLC delegate is an annual program that has been established between the Indonesian Embassy and the IYLC since 2015. The progressive development in Indonesia has sparked a positive attention to invite people obtaining more information about Indonesia’s role in regional and global forum.

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